1-Day Workshop £99 (inc VAT)


10/10. I enjoyed the Talk workshop immensely. The mix of practical and theory is just right."

Unleash Your Confidence!

Communicating and speaking with confidence has never been more important.

A fun, upbeat, 1-DAY workshop with TALK creator Jason Bradbury and his team.

Join us!

On on of our workshop days you will learn to:

Own Your Anxiety. This is our tried and tested methodology for promoting confidence and verbal fluency. Some people work with us simply to communicate more confidently, the public speaking part of what we offer a bonus. If self-doubt gets the better of you - at work and even in your personal life - our theory and exercise will prove transformational.

You will also learn and practice our signature online course concepts:

Do Epic Sh*t! This is one of the most popular techniques we teach and key to the idea that absolutely anyone can become a much more engaging communicator by simply harnessing the power of personal stories and achievements.

The Emotional Skyline. So, you've understood the tremendous power of personal stories, but when to use them for maximum effect?

Talk Hacks. We call the practical exercises we do in our workshop Talk Hacks and as the name suggests, they are quick and punchy exercises designed to rewire your thinking and practice around confidence and public speaking.

We've got your Speechmaker's checklist covered

  • How to make a great first impression
  • How to boss your Powerpoint
  • How to manage an audience
  • How to choose and present killer quotes
  • How to create a speech from scratch
  • How to memorise your material
  • How to enjoy speaking in front of people


MARCH 31 2022

1-Day Workshop £99 (inc VAT)

TALK live workshops are designed to benefit people from a wide range of sectors who need to present or speak as part of their jobs

Our participants have included: Small business owners, Start-up Entrepreneurs, Teachers, Students, Executives and those motivated to take their life in a new direction.

There are no barriers to entry other than a willingness to join in!


I can't wait to meet you!

You'd think the glitz and glamour of two decades in front of the TV cameras would hold a pull for me. Honestly, an inspiring one-to-one conversation or a meaningful presentation in front of a live audience is where I really come alive.

It's that feeling that I want you to experience in the workshops - the relaxed, verbally fluid, confident and powerful version of you that is waiting to come out."

Jason Bradbury - Jan 2022


We are delighted to be hosting our next in-person TALK workshop event at Truro's premier independent, creative space, Old Bakery Studios located at Blewett's Wharf adjacent to BBC Radio Cornwall.

Date: March 31 2022

Time: 9am - 4pm

Old Bakery Studios, Blewetts Wharf, Malpas Road, Truro,

Cornwall, TR1 1QH


MARCH 31 2022

1-Day Workshop £99 (inc VAT)